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    How to get to Las Vegas in mid-July? If you are good, it will not be healthy. After all, with a maximum of 110 Fahrenheit movements, your eyes will be screened on a good day, and perhaps the desert may be the last part you want. Additionally, Alaska is much better.

    If you are not a poker player, in this case the half of the Nevada Desert is a very oasis.

    Run and treat!

    Welcome to the 2018 World Series of Poker: With a great poker poker club poker player, popular poker players will hit the world all over 2018. for more than 40 May to July, good (and bad) good in downtown China putting out for the best road in their poker. Only one candidate will be the WSOP Main Event 201 201 title editor, but the big question: who is this year?

    If you are an adult poker player, you are from the first day, and you will work at least the least and most important events. If you are a trainee ready for another day, you just want to play the theme only. Maybe it’s the first time to go to the Church or to reach Las Vegas (see our Las Vegas Booklet where you’ll stay and what to do) . Regardless of the poker player, the world of Poker makes for you.

    But before launching in the Poker’s World Series series in 2018, you may know what you are on, with other players, calendars, and even get to work for a few nine. We have WSOP 2018 Wizard everything you want to know about publishing on.

    Poker Series History

    WSOP history or two or more about the world’s major World Series of Poker, you know, has more than 6,500 players in the competition in the year, and will find hui of last year’s 6.683 competitors for the first $ 10 million prize.

    But did you know that the first WSOP in 1970 was seven candidates? The main purpose of the project was that the number was not limited until 1973. It reached 1982 up to three years.

    it started all in the 1970’s, Benny Binion was called top six players who could play the Texas-based non-Texas county in front of the livelihood in his Horseshoe Casino. Johnny Moss, Amarillo Slim “Preston,” Brian “Sailor” Roberts, Doyle Brunson, Walter “Puggy” Pearson, Crandall Addington or Carl Cannon.

    there will be 2018 WSOP championships to play a good team to win, but in the first World Series of Poker, the winning winner nominated the team. This is far beyond the middle week, and half of the competition has never been broken. Poker players are crowned today.

    In the 1970s, in 1971 the competition opened to a poker player and sold $ 5,000. In 1972, there were fewer sales at $ 10,000. Since that time, it has been $ 10,000. So, if you want to buy the main theme of the WSOP 2018 Main Event, it’s not too small. There are many ways to access the WSOP 2018 for some small directories or free of charge.

    In 2004 Harrah sold the Casino Horseshoe and his Poker world. In 2005, the series was transferred to Rio Hotel & Casino, Harrah’s property. The order is still from time to time.

    Because online poker has changed in competition forever

    WSOP Online Poker Upgrade Do not go ahead of time to see the poker online poker world online for better. Look at 2003.

    Now, no known poker player known as Chris Moneymaker is eligible for his WSOP office by using the Poker Stars online. The first prize was $ 2.5 million.

    In 2003, there were 839 candidates. After winning the Monetary Fund, online poker sites did not record waka cars and millions of registered people to improve their game.

    In 2004, more than a few in the field, with a total of 2,576 stakeholders in the main focus. So, in the next few years, the country will be few, and will reach 5,619 players.

    In 2006, the WSOP Main Event recorded a record record of 8,773. The change in the US law has forced some of us to stay in the US market at the end of this year, so most of the activities are missing in the coming years. But most of the land lived between 6000 or more.

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