• New Hopes for Online Gambling

    Department of JusticeThe online players from the United States received some great news when the Department of Justice said that each state have the authority to license and regulate non-sports related intrastate online gambling. This announcement confirms that online poker doesn’t violate the Wire Act. but this law needs to be reviewed as soon as possible because some states can start creating wrong schemes that may not be the best for the players and the gambling industry. And as far as we know Nevada will become the first state to offer intrastate online gaming to its residents.

    Intrastate License

    But what does intrastate online gambling means? Lets take online poker for example… It means that poker players from California can only play against other poker players living in California.

    It is a huge step for the online gambling industry in the United States and it seems that 2018 promises to be a great year for online players! If you need info on how to find the best online casinos please click here.

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