• Online Casino Games 2018

    Since its creation in the 1990s, the online casino industry has grown steadily. In less than three decades, the evolution of the Internet has changed so much that it seems that the whole new industry has emerged. This year, online casinos will generate about $ 50.5 billion. More, casino profits in 2018 will grow to an incredible $ 56.5 billion! That’s a lot of money! We can only imagine how the future of the online gaming industry will look like.

    How did they get started? When did the first online casino start?

    We will be back in 1994! At present, the Free Trade and Processing Zone (FTPZA) was adopted in Antigua and Barbuda (Caribbean). This particular law allowed licensing to online providers who wanted to start the online casino. Of course, along with this law, Antigua and Barbuda not. 1 casino industry, jurisdiction has been approved. With the development of the Internet in the coming years, online games have come to the homes of hundreds and millions of online online players. The second most important thing that led to the development of online casinos was also in 1994 – Microgaming. one of the largest and most trusted online gaming players, was founded to offer the first and fully functional online casino – The Gaming Club.

    Cryptologic soon followed this route in 1995 and began integrating cash transactions electronically into its portfolio. In the same year, Internet Casino, Inc. or ICI (owned by Cryptologic) its first online casino. They operated from Turkov and Caicos and opened a national Indian lottery together with 18 different casinos. Whatever was the first time, Microgaming and Cryptologic have played a key role in developing the technology needed to support games and financial service providers needed to process money transactions.

    The following year, several new online casinos (The Gaming Club and Intertops Casino or Intercasino) have been introduced. Intercasino has offered credibility and fast payouts, but has also promoted new chips – the first online sports bet. In the same year, Microgaming sold an existing casino and focused on developing online gaming, while Cryptologic developed an eCash payment system. Interactive Game & Communication Corp. (SBET) launched a second online sports bet and offers Antigua via satellite free phone calls.

    In 1998, Microgaming abandoned the online casino industry surprise when they opened Cash Splash, the first online jackpot. In the same year, Senator Jon introduced a law banning internet gambling, which was illegal to offer an online gambling product to US citizens, but this was not in line with the 1999 review.

    The first review report and casino existed in 1999 and the company was Microgaming. By the end of the millennium, there were more than 700 active online casinos who took the game with real money.

    With the launch of the new millennium, the online casino industry had serious problems when laws limiting online bets have made it difficult for people to make use of their game money. On October 13, 2006, the US Senate was approved by UIGA, which prohibits financial institutions from transferring money to American casinos. This law marks the start of the American casino industry in 2007. Neteller has left the US market, while Microgaming 2008 did so. Two well-known companies continued to operate in the US: RTG (Real Time Gaming) and Vegas Technology.

    Those who are familiar with online casinos today will have to bid in the 90s. The variety of games available was relatively limited and the software was as functional as in modern on-line casinos. As more and more companies are participating in the market, the market has become very competitive and many operators have sought to dominate the market. Many operators have developed different systems that attract more customers than their competitors. One of these methods is still being used – welcome bonus. Due to intense competition between online casinos, game and software quality began to grow rapidly. More and more features have been added to the slots and soon.

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