• Online Casino Roulette – History

    Roulette is a simple, elegant and classic casino game that attracts all sorts of tastes and all kinds of gamblers. Easy to learn, but a versatile and complex betting system guarantees a lot of fast action, so excitement and excitement are guaranteed. With the origin of France since the 17th century, Roulette has achieved many game variants 24 hours a day and every day of the year thanks to the technical progress.

    History of Roulette

    The history of roulettes begins in the 17th century in France. The name really translates to “little wheel” and everything began when a student of loyalty studies Blaise Pascal created the front wheel.

    Believe it or not, finding a roulette car was a lucky coincidence. Pascal tried to invent a machine for a bigger ride. In 1655 he did not succeed in overcoming the laws of physics, but introduced the world into the new hypnotic form of the cube.

    The original design required some modifications, but for several months he invented the roulette game with the presence of parties and social gatherings of all kinds in the original documents of the 17th century.

    The first wheel of the roulette wheel had pockets in which the ball landed instead of slots. He used today the same number of European and French versions of the game with numbers from 1 to 36 as well as a single zero pocket.

    With the popularity and improvement of the industry, the wheel has developed into a version we know today, with grooves instead of pockets that facilitate the ball. This has created a better playability since the turning point of the wheel can no longer be easily manipulated.

    The double zero (00) version of the game was created only in the mid-19th century, when the journey became easier and the game was moved to the sea to America. This is when the second variant of the game is created, with additional bets being invented to include an optional double zero option (00). As the material and production capabilities improved further, the wheel improved, resulting in more success and a more exciting game. Until the 1900s, roulette was the first game in any casino in the world.

    The modern technology has also paved the way for incredible possibilities and changes. Online casinos have maintained the basic concept and the rules and made access to the game easier and allows new variants. These variants include advanced online roulette games that can boast of connected jackpots that are among the richest in the world. These jackpots are linked to a larger number of tables, and the number of jackpots increases each time a player makes a progressive side of a bet. The jackpot is run on a random basis and the amount received is the amount that was incurred at the time of purchase.

    The technology behind online roulette games allows for faster, more frequent and more interesting casino games and players are no longer limited by mobile phone or mobile phone. You can play any roulette version at home comfortably from home to play best suits you. Payouts are quick and secure, bonuses offer extra time to play and support is available every hour, so you can always enjoy the best gambling experience no matter where you are.

    Rules of the game and how to play

    Use a clear-cut card, which indicates possible bets, in online roulette at our online casino. To place a bet, click the name of the chip you want to play and place it in the part of the table that matches the selected bet. Each click adds a chip. You can also delete a single chip while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard. Any bet is highlighted while you are over the table, so it’s easy to place your bets correctly.

    Only when you have placed all your bets, you have pressed the knob to set the wheel in motion. So be careful to see where the ball goes, because that determines the outcome of the game. If your prediction matches the outcome of the ball, it is immediately paid according to the payout table. You can display your bankroll at any time in the lower left corner of the screen.

    As you can see, the basic rules of online roulette are easy to learn and easy to follow. However, there are several alternative options to read some of the available variants.

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