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    There is a lot of confusion as to whether legal or illegal playing online in the United States. This is partly due to ambiguous legislation, and why several states have their own laws and regulations. First, it should be said that there is no federal law against online gambling. There are other legal barriers in the United States, which we will talk later, and some states may have their own laws, but expenses are almost unprecedented. The laws must be applied to more players than for individual players.

    This may seem odd, as land casinos are multiplying in the country, but things are starting to change quickly. The state of New Jersey is the first state to completely legalize casinos and online poker in February 2013. Similarly, Nevada and Delaware currently offer fresh poker, although there are still real money casino games in the state.

    Eight other Member States should have on-site accounts and the US industry is expected to grow rapidly in regulations. Meanwhile, there are still many US casinos where Americans can legally access blackjack, craps, slots and any other game to find the local player. Here is a list of the best 100% legitimate sites to the United States.

    The general rules are in sight

    Legislation is changing very fast in the US and, while the information contained in this article is correct at the time of writing, you should check the latest laws in your state of being up to date.

    As mentioned earlier, there is no law against an individual on an online bet, but it is against federal law that a site accepts sports betting on the internet. This refers to the federal law of 1961, which prohibits the use of wires for communication to bet on a sports event or competition. Until recently, the Department of Justice has interpreted this as including betting on gambling, such as casino games and poker. However, in 2011, the Department of Justice issued an official legal opinion attesting that the law only applies to communications cables relating to a “sports event or competition.”

    The other complication for US players is that it is against the federal law to banks and payment processors handling gambling transactions. This refers to Internet games application of illegal law 2,006 banks prohibited to process online gambling transactions. This will not affect the player who does the transaction, but will not allow banks and payment services to make deposits and withdrawals easier. So, playing in online casinos in the United States is not illegal, but processing transactions for them.

    New Jersey will be an interesting “test bench” and other states will be interested to see if Governor Chris Christie’s estimate of $ 1 billion in turnover and 17% of taxation is made. Most should follow their example, with some sources estimating that gaming on the Internet may be completely legal in most US by 2020. However, some states, such as Washington, have moved in the opposite direction and forbidden. it is advisable to check the specific laws of your state before playing.

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    Many options

    If you live in New Jersey, you can now play casino sites since you are over 21 years old. Most sites currently accepting US players are offshore and are not under US jurisdiction, so players over 18 can accept. However, you should also review local laws on age limits.

    There are hundreds of online casinos for US players, but as they are abroad, they are not subject to any US gambling or fund payment regulations. This means that it is especially important to find a reputable web-based casino that has been operating for several years, is fully authorized in their jurisdiction and has built a solid reputation over time.

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