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    Online Betting Argentina

    The game is almost the same as the man. In fact, there is evidence of gambling from Roman times, and recent improvements in technology have significantly increased the activity in gambling. The Internet offers endless options to those who prefer to bet with hundreds of online bookmakers that are aimed at the market.

    Argentina has a rich tradition of sports and bets, but citizens can offer money for free on the Internet? We learn about this below, but for those who already know this story, here is the list of the best and most reliable casinos in Argentina.


    Argentine girl For many years, Argentina, in contrast to many countries around the world, as a whole showed a passive and attractive approach to gambling. The races played a key role in promoting the passion for gambling in Argentina. “Sports of the Kings” was a popular occupation for Argentine citizens, and the jockey club of Buenos Aires was founded back in 1882.

    In the mid-1900s, the number of races began to grow, as sport became more popular. In 1979, she collected a system of betting odds with the ability to bet on a lottery company and make calls on the avenues that citizens made large.

    The national lottery federation Sociedad accepts bets on a number of different sporting events, especially popular in football, and the country hosts various bets that take rates in different markets. The friendly approach of betting institutions led to the fact that the giants of the British book Ladbrokes were studying the idea of ​​the development of apostolate in Buenos Aires in the mid-1990s

    In the early 2000s, the Internet boom was experiencing an increasing prevalence of online games. The Argentine government did not view this new form of betting as hostile, like many other countries. Instead of accepting an empty bank or ban, the authorities tried to regulate online gambling through a series of laws and licenses in the province. However, the lack of uniform regulation and general clarity caused a somewhat confusing climate.

    The first online casino was launched in 2002, and four years later – the first online sports book.

    In 2006, Victor Chandler (now BetVictor) became the first foreign operator to receive a license to gamble and play in Argentina.

    They launched a personalized local website and obtained a license from the provincial lottery and casino institute (IPLyC) in the province of Misiones, and they believe that they work and can provide their services throughout the country.

    However, Victor Chandler’s invasion of the market was caused by the fact that a number of lawsuits and judicial legitimacy related to the company’s ability to work outside the province in which they were admitted led the company to leave the country in 2010

    In 2012, the main European bookmaker Bwin withdrew his license from the same province for violating similar rules and offered Bwin Argentina service throughout the country. This seemed to be a common step for the company to exit from places where they were not licensed.

    Despite the decisions and decisions regarding foreign companies providing services to Argentines, foreign companies continue to do business and mainly accept the Argentine custom. The step taken in 2008 to ban all foreign classes without a license seems to have little effect.

    The vast majority of websites offer a Spanish translation, which makes their services more friendly to Argentine users. Bet365 and MarathonBet go even further and offer Argentine pesos as a variant of the currency on their sites.

    Overall, there seem to be very few bookmakers who do not open their business to individuals in Argentina, as the potential of the new custom clearly outweighs the much less likely Argentine authorities to face sanctions. The attempts made were aimed at instructing the home Internet service provider to block foreign gambling sites, but these efforts were not successful.

    Special offers

    Bet365 offers a generous 100% sign-up bonus of up to $ 100 for customers in Argentina, while Bet-at-home offers an initial grant of up to € 50. Some bookmakers, such as BetVictor, do not offer registration bonuses from subscribers in Argentina.

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