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    Asia Online Game Overview

    At the moment, Asia is the biggest betting market, but this is not an unexpected fact, as people in Asia make up more than 60% of the world’s population.

    Some trends in the global online betting market are also present in the Asian market, such as online development and the growing trend of using mobile devices such as phones and tablets. And all of these changes involve and involve technological measures to keep up with the growing demand.

    However, the most important changes in the game scene also occur in regulatory areas where each state must follow an existing phenomenon and create rules and regulations accordingly.

    As the online betting market continues to grow consistently, thanks to the fusion of new technologies and improved Internet accessibility, it’s time to look more closely at the fastest growing market for iGaming Asia.

    Online Gambling in Asia: A Quick Overview


    In China there are many types of bets such as sports, lottery and various gambling machines. Some of them, such as mahjong, poker, casino games and sports betting sites with unauthorized sites, are banned and the Chinese sports lottery has a monopoly on all sports betting in China.

    Operators, promoters, agents and junkets (without players) are, however, supervised by the authorities. Although popular in China, online gambling is largely illegal and those who place a bet prefer internationally licensed sites for a variety of sports games, in-game betting options and live casino games.

    For land-based casino games, most of China’s big players prefer a day or two to Macau, where most games of chance are allowed, on land and online.

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong allows certain forms of play to be run by a state-sponsored state-sponsored jewelry club (HKKC), such as horse racing, football games and a lottery.

    Mahjong is another bet that can work in Hong Kong, and poker seems to be in a gray zone that is still working underground. Any gameplay is illegal and severe penalties are imposed. For this reason, most Hong Kong players prefer to go to Macau.


    The game in Taiwan is governed by strict laws and you can place the Taiwan Sports Lottery, the only source of legitimate fees in the country.

    As chances are not excellent, players prefer online game play that offers Mahjong, Baccarat, Slots, Chinese Chess, Sports, Casino and In-game Games and much better odds.

    As in neighboring countries, Taiwanese prefer international and regional sites that support the local language. Although you can not simply put money online, you can find a method that works for online gambling like EntroPay or Skrill.

    If you want to play safely, you can bet on the Taiwan Sports Lottery. However, to improve the odds and the varied offer, you can choose two games of fortune already mentioned. Although Taiwan is not legal, areas that are not subject to Taiwan’s jurisdiction are not blocked by the authorities.


    Macau is a special administrative area with other government and laws. It is officially part of China, but has its own capitalist economy and a political system. In Macau, land-based casinos, sports betting and poker are allowed. He does not consider, does not license and does not even recognize online gambling. For online casino operators, Macau does not authorize online gambling.

    Since it is not regulated, online gambling is not prohibited, and you can play online without worry, which is particularly important, especially when online gambling is banned in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,

    Macau continues to be the richest casino in the world and the epicenter of the gambling industry and surpasses Las Vegas for gaming revenue. All games of chance in Macau are subject to the jurisdiction of the Office of Inspection and Coordination of Games (DICJ), which controls the entire gambling business.

    An interesting aspect of Macau gambling income is that two-thirds of them come from Junket operators who bring VIP customers mainly from China. They offer not only concierge service and VIP procedures, they play another important role.

    For entrepreneurs and wealthy people, China’s money is not easy. In this case, junkets play an important role, namely providing money to the player and then returning the money back to their home country.

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