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    The independence of Croatia was born recently, in 1991. This is one of the main reasons why the legislation on the game is still in effect. However, it does not matter that the industry here is relatively young, this game has become one of the most popular leisure activities of citizens.

    Croatian accession to NATO and the EU is considered one of the reasons for the increased interest in games and casino operations.

    General form

    Although Croatia is part of the six Yugoslav republics, the rule is governed by the latest laws on gambling, which limit some sports bets to bid only in state kiosks. In addition, the only available market is the “sports forecast”.

    Croatia was also one of the first countries in the Eastern Bloc, where the game was ratified and regulated in the 60s of the 20th century. After gaining independence in 1991, the gambling industry in the country is growing steadily, especially in terms of the so-called “tourist gambling”. That’s why big casinos connected with hotels in Croatia, or rather in coastal areas, are really growing fast.

    Croatia became independent of the communist government in 1991. Soon after, sports bets were legalized. Private companies have the opportunity to open their bookmakers in the region of the country.

    The first two private companies using the new regime are Prva Sportska Kladionica and Sport Tip, which is currently the leader in the betting industry in the country.

    Currently, online and online games in Croatia are completely legal. Of course, there are some restrictions, because the government of the country has introduced some rules for the gambling market. In Croatia, various kinds of table games are allowed, including poker, but they are allowed to play only in the casino. Other types of casino games are offered, such as bingo, sports, lotteries and keno. All are under the control of the state organization Hrvatska Lutrija.

    Legislation matters

    Legislation on gambling in Croatia The Croatian government has established a legal age of 18 years. As mentioned above, all types of table games, including poker, are legalized in this country, but they can only be played in the casino. There is a country lottery. In addition, Hrvatska Lutrija monitors and controls casinos, sports lotteries, keno, bingo and several other land types and other online games.

    To date, the country is a major owner of 20 different casinos and 30 slots, also known as “automatic clubs.”

    Prior to the transition of the new legislation to the European Commission, the gambling market in the country is regulated by the Online Online Billing Act. The latter came into force in July 2010.

    The Law on gambling in Croatia was approved by the European Commission in November 2014. The national bill was submitted to the EU for approval and entered into force after the next six months. ratified by the Parliament.

    New laws on gambling in this country contain special provisions for operators of online gambling. According to the law, operators of online gambling must receive special licenses for gambling. You will also need to meet other requirements, such as making a deposit of half a million dollars, paying another half a million taxes and regularly managing the tax payment of the player.

    It is expected that the new decree will enter into force from June to July 2015, if the Croatian government manages to bring the law through parliament. Laws adopted by the European Commission are considered more stringent and, most importantly, more expensive than other European countries.

    All these requirements, submitted by the Croatian government, can be very expensive for a large number of operators, so the future of a successful online gambling market in the country is still unknown.

    Online gambling

    Online gambling in Croatia Legal online gambling in Croatia. Currently, they are governed by the Regulations for Online Interactive Casinos, which entered into force in July 2010. When the new law on gambling in Croatia passes parliamentary ratification, it is expected that some changes will take place.

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