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    Do online bookmakers work in the UK?

    All countries of the world have their own laws and laws on gambling of all kinds, including on the Internet. The UK is no exception and there is a fairly comprehensive law on online betting and its legitimacy.

    This site is dedicated to repealing this law and providing all the details that you can have about the jurisdiction of online gambling in the UK.

    key points

    Since the 1960s, all legal gambling in the UK.
    The age of legality for sports betting and most other forms of the game is 18 years.
    Scratch cards, lotteries and legal football pool for 16+.
    The Gambling Act of 2005 and the Gambling Act of 2014 (Licensing and Advertising) govern most online events.

    Gambling in the UK is governed by the UK Gambling Commission.

    British legislation on gambling: schedule

    1963 – Law on stakes, gambling and lotteries

    For many years in England, the stakes were illegal, but all this changed with the adoption of laws, bets, gambling and lotteries in 1963. This practice of gambling changed lawfully in one place and paved the way for smoothing the situation, like today, where Gambling in general is legal in all areas.

    It was this and other laws of the 1960s that determined the game industry in the UK for decades.

    2005 – Law on gambling

    The Gambling Law of 2005 eventually turned into the modernization of legislation on gambling.

    This action introduces a number of new legal acts with three main tasks:

    Prevent gambling from being a source of crime or disorder associated with crime or harassment or used in support of a crime …

    Make sure the game is honest and open and …

    Protect children and other vulnerable people from harm or exploitation through gambling.

    2005 – The Game Commission

    The Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom To this end, the law created the British Gambling Commission as the Gambling Authority in the United Kingdom.

    The license for gambling and the new rules that dictate how to develop under the same control as the ground game are designed to develop online bets. Licenses for remote games have also been introduced for offshore companies.

    2014 – The Law on gambling (licensing and advertising)

    However, for several years, the action is clearly not based on online rates offered by companies outside the UK, but serves customers in the UK. This doubt will be finally eliminated with the adoption of the Law on gambling in 2014 (licensing and advertising).

    This process makes other licenses and gambling rules the same for all online gambling providers, regardless of where they are located.

    Most importantly, loan service providers are responsible for paying the same 15% tax paid to British companies.

    This is achieved by becoming a “point of consumption”, not a “supply tax”. For a more detailed explanation of the rules of gambling taxation in the UK click here.

    Money laundering: why should you check your identity?

    The UK gambling commission as regulator of the entire gambling industry in the UK is the regulator of measures to combat money laundering. However, the current regime of money laundering is by no means complete.

    ID Today, after the adoption of the law on money laundering in 2007, only organizations with a casino license necessary to combat the risk of money laundering.

    Organizations that are subject to anti-money laundering regulations in 2007 must take measures defined as “thorough customer verification.”

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