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    Regulation of gambling and laws in Europe

    Betting in Europe

    This is mainly due to the gaming industry, so there is no standard to standardize laws and games in Europe.

    For this reason, if the step is to preserve the legality of the game, then the online game is in a hurry, in particular those who were in the country were quite a challenge. The European market will run on many leading gaming sites, but this is banned, and vary significantly from country to country.

    This site is accessible and regulates it, and how we have influenced the laws of many European countries, rather than what I briefly described. We also point out the online game that is responsible for it, found in Europe, some Europeans and the destination in the association Pellentesque vestibulum ac. This page, with this update, changes this question to reflect, if necessary, that you are reviewing local laws yourself if you know what is legal or not.

    If you are looking for life in Europe and online games, and are offering to review our list of recommended sites.

    Internet Betting in Europe

    In Europe, there are more jurisdictions in online gambling. Some of them are members of the European Union (EU) and are subject to various rules and regulations that are in the body, while others are independent. We are in each of these jurisdictions; And it was also the regulation of its licensees.

    In Europe, live the following online gambling.

    The Betting Association and the European Forum

    Nutrition Programming and the European Association (EGBA) is an organization that performs and tests fair and competitive online game operators in the marketplace to create their services in Europe. It was established in 2007 as the first European partner and life at university, based in Brussels.

    However, this is far from being a realistic goal, and had some notable successes at the right time for EGBA. Currently, these are only a few member companies, but the problem becomes more serious than the laws and regulations of all gambling operators, and they are also expanding. On the other hand, this order is designed for greater impact.

    Betting in France

    The jurisdiction in France is a large number of gambling that floats across the sea, and three bodies are responsible for its regulation. Urbani Pari Mutuel jumps around and Francaise des jeux handles lotteries and gambling games and online games that relate to ARJEL.

    In 2009, these requirements of the European Union, the French government 2010 introduced a new law on online games, and officially there are three forms of online gambling that allow. And for sports betting (including real-time betting, fixed-rate betting and betting rates), horse racing (pool betting only) and poker.

    The licenses are issued by ARJEL operators who wish to provide these services to residents of France. At this time they issue licenses for casino games, betting or betting.

    Betting in Germany

    Of the Germans, the dealer’s laws changed over the years several times in color. The 2008 law gave forms that actually prohibited online gambling and betting, with the exception of betting on races as a condition. EBGA challenged the law and stated that it violates EU rules.

    In 2010, the industry, like the European Court for 10 years, a monopoly in Germany, is becoming more liberal. As a result, after gambling (ISTG) appeared in 2012, private service cups are offered to private companies. ISTG was implemented, but one of the German Schleswig-Holstein, which laws become even more liberal.

    This law was repealed in 2013, the newly elected government, but had already worked for several years under the license of Schleswig Holstein (until 2018). Many of them have created a license operator in Germany, it is the largest betting market in Europe. There are still questions or will be enough to avoid a monopoly in Germany, the ISTG Internet game. In the future, this will require more changes.

    Betting in Spain

    In recent years, Spain has changed its laws on gambling several times. The latest changes came into effect in 2012, as operators could apply for licenses in the region under certain conditions.

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