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    In France, the overall picture of the game is a paradox: a country with a gaming culture for hundreds of years, but many of today’s industry still have significant limitations. Not immediately clear where players want to play online, but the game is still a popular hobby for millions of French and the online market is growing slowly but surely. Below is a general description of some of the key areas in France.

    Legal landscape

    Although it was invented in France in the seventeenth century, roulette is a game that can not be played online online at the moment. The same applies to online slot machines and other popular online casinos, as legislators consider it very exciting. Legislation that came into force in 2010 – the law of gambling in France – at least that part of the online games open to the competitive situation of providing operators, but laws prohibit the above games, and betting and betting. Betfair stock exchanges.

    Online poker (a game that presumably originated in France), sports betting, and racing horse racing were completely legal in accordance with the law of the French Gaming idea that, unlike roulette, depends on the knowledge or skills to win.

    A controller such as the ARJEL association (known as the “online gambling controller”) is known to have established a law concerning gaming and online games in France are guided by a more active approach is not accepted by foreign operators and customers. French regulator in many other countries. The ARJEL Association has released a list of current approved gambling operators from a favorite world such as Party Poker and PokerStars, which can compete with traditional state-owned companies.

    Popular markets

    In France, there are several famous land-based casinos known throughout the world. Despite the laws against its online reps, the traditional casino games bet on roulette, blackjack and baccarat are available in almost all of them, as well as the departure in 1988 was legalized, one year after the minimum age game was 18 minus 21

    In terms of prices, horse racing is by far the most popular of all sports, and many of them see this as a national hobby. In fact, most of the money collected from horse racing companies is again invested in sports.

    Despite the famous cycling competition, the Tour de France, the world’s largest sporting event, is not as enthusiastic as jumping. However, sites such as Paddy Power and William Hill often give British players the chance to get the competition winner in advance.

    France is surprisingly popular with lesser-known sports and the handball is particularly strong. The French national team is the current Olympic champion and the world champion, and the French league is so strong that many bettors offer even the French handball market to the British audience.

    Betting against French football

    Like many Western European countries, the name of a national sport should be extended to football. As a favorite sport of viewers, it is also one of the most popular sports for French players with two main leagues: League 1 and League 2 in the soccer betting market.

    Football betting in France has been particularly accelerated to legalize online gambling since the World Cup in 2010 was over 83m euros, which is about twice as much as last year. The game is not regulated by ARJEL.

    The future of the game in France

    Despite the fact that online gambling seems to restrict the strict regulation and open concern of “Casual” in France, there are other countries in Europe with considerable interest in such games and it may well be that the French government has been legally legalized. because of public demand. More recently, the economy continues to play the role of gambling in Europe, and the French sector in horse racing, betting and lottery has increased significantly due to the emergence of network operators.

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