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    The Law on Online Betting in Germany

    Online game is mainly banned in Germany. We say “mostly” because Germany is one of those places where this is definitely an illegal home game site, but the legality of online gambling is simply not clear. Some interpretation of German law may classify the act of online wager as illegal, but the government does not appear to be interested in reading or applying the law in this way.

    The laws of the game of Germany

    One thing is certain, online gambling is very popular in Germany. More importantly, no German has problems with buying online. Legal action in this country revolves mainly around the right of operators to offer their services to the public.

    Where to play online

    All Germans who read this should look for game sites in the country. Current national legislation does not allow licensing of casino sites, so people turn to foreign operators. Companies outside Germany are not subject to German law and therefore can accept prices from any person in the country.

    The most important thing you should keep in mind when working with foreign operators is that you have no legal license under German law if something happens to your money. It’s better to stick to gambling sites that have licensed legitimate jurisdictions like the UK or the Isle of Man. Equally important is the reputation of each site in terms of player fees and fair game hosting.

    Follow the recommended locations here to ensure your safety and get paid for the profit. This is one of the most important names in the world market for games, and they are just as legitimate as any casino of brick and mortar in Germany.

    German legislation is in the state

    The difficulty in analyzing the German market lies in the fact that the laws have recently undergone major upheavals. In addition to confusion, each state’s ability to regulate gambling is best suited to them.

    Germany is a mixture of powerful national laws and more limited state laws. Some forms of betting are allowed in some states, while others are prohibited in others. It is also clear that the receiving governors are not afraid to completely abolish the acts of law enacted by their predecessors.

    Until 2008, online gambling was not regulated in Germany. The laws of the time generally did not concern the Internet. Everything changed when the game of the Interstate Agreement (ISTG) was approved in 2008, virtually all forms of online gambling are banned, as well as sports competitions and leaps offered by state structures.

    First, 16 states joined the treaty. The state of Schleswig-Holstein came out in 2012 and even licensed about three dozen operators, including PokerStars and 888th That will not be long. The movement was lifted only a year later, when the state government was dismissed and the new governor took over.

    The good news for operators who have difficulty acquiring a license is 6-year licenses that are still valid. All licensed operators can offer real money games and poker games for players in Schleswig-Holstein until 2018.

    From today’s perspective, online gambling is banned throughout Germany, with the exception of two dozen operators who are allowed to work in Schleswig-Holstein. There are no other legal gambling sites in Germany and there is no way to get a license to play games.

    German gambling laws are in breach of EU rules on free trade and competition. The EU has punished Germany for its difficult position in the game, but Germany, judging by everything, is destined to keep things as they are. In the meantime, we would like to draw your attention to one of the reliable and reliable game sites mentioned on this page.

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