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    Greece in the game

    The birthplace of democracy and the Olympic Games in recent years has experienced financial problems in Greece. After receiving two EU payments, the Greek government significantly changed the international online gambling.

    Law landscape

    When the track of the casino was dismantled for a millennium, the Greek government strongly opposed it, and in 2002 the law passed laws banning all forms of electronic games. However, Law 3037/2002 does not distinguish between gambling, land and video games and plays games on consoles such as Playstation Cafes or Xbox Internet.

    The law was later ratified by the government, as gambling machines and online gambling in 2011 are trying to raise money through rates and licensing. According to the Law, the government provides temporary licenses to 24 operators, including William Hill and Betfair, and must establish provisions for the establishment of a permanent licensing system.

    However, the Greek Ministry of Finance proposed in 2012 a proposal for a monopoly on the gaming market of the country, national operators of the OPAP, as a territorial monopoly of the betting industry and the lottery industry in the country. In November 2012, the government warned that the holder of a temporary license received a license from the licensee to terminate his services. Many of these companies do not require EU legislation from the country, they leave the Greek market, while others expect a better separation that they want to achieve.

    Following the main problems of the legality of the Greek gambling industry, in January 2011 the European Court of Justice had an illegal OPAP monopoly. In March, after a three-month suspension, the Greek government filed a complaint regarding its play in the European Commission, while the EU analyzed the proposal. Clive Hawkswood, executive director of the Remote Gambling Association, said: “The Greek government must authorize and administer online licenses for home licenses, which is a positive step, but it helps develop a well-regulated and competitive market, instead blocking the Greek government and the games of the Commission of European private operators “.

    The Greek government decided to outline exciting and inaccessible “online games with random numbers.” Although the OPAP license allows the use of 35,000 terminals of physical video loft, this reason seems rather hypocritical. The Greek government actually granted the OPP monopoly until 2030.

    Popular market

    Despite the fact that in recent years Greek legislation has raised doubts about the game, online poker is still very popular among citizens. Many performed temporary permits in temporary legal periods, such as party poker, British and Greek games. But not only the online Greeks who can play poker, although they are concerned about the legality of this game online, they play on one of the many peninsulas and casinos on the island. In fact, Poker Stars also plays in the Greek poker cup, the first poker tournament on Greek soil.

    The future of Greek games

    The Greek monopoly on gambling APAP on the national gambling can not be 71% lower in the first quarter of 2013. He was accused of introducing a new 30 percent tax on all gambling. The Greek government lost almost 20%, despite previous tax sales. Sports books are 25% lower.

    Despite this terrible number and growing pressure in Europe, the Greek government should consider alternative alternatives caused by the monopoly status of the OPP. It is expected that OPAP shares will eventually increase, and the government will be able to purchase 34% of the company’s shares.

    Even if the online business market reopens, they can choose a lot to avoid a return due to high taxes. Until then, Greek games are still playing online sports betting in their native language from Greek countries, such as 888casino.

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