• Online Gambling in Central America

    The Central American Gambling Act and current legislation

    This article is not exhaustive and serves as a general guide to the policies of casinos and gambling that conduct this site. Let’s look at casino laws and their evolution in some countries:

    Casino settings in Belize:

    Belize, Musa, the Prime Minister and the mini-president of Belize have adopted new rules. The online gaming system has been adapted to more efficient processing and control options in addition to reducing licensing fees.

    Casino rules in Costa Rica:

    The casino, created in 1886, and developed the 1992 casino in Costa Rica as an important source of tourist attraction in 1990. Founded in 1999, Costa Rica had about 30 casinos. If the casinos are legal, they must be accredited and approved by the Tourist Office of Costa Rica.

    You must be at least 3-star hotels. They must be at least 100 meters from churches, hospitals, clinics and schools. Any person under the age of 18 is not allowed in the casino.

    If someone does not meet these requirements, the casino owner must be imprisoned and / or terminated the casino license.

    Casinos are also required to pay local operating fees, medical facilities and other taxes that apply to other companies in Costa Rica. In addition, they pay an additional 10% of the monthly net income, and the sum of their main gaming tables is usually 50,000 cents ($ 162.00 10/10/2000) per table.

    Costa Rica is a crime to earn or lose money by placing a bet on a game, event, action or behavior to win. In addition, invest in a game based on the success of people and the abilities and abilities of the game. It is therefore illegal to collect or earn money on bets or games such as baccarat, dice, twenty-one, poker, blackjack, lottery – except for the organization of Costa Rica, the so-called social network Battle of the Battle, with the exception of those that organize Red Cross and school organizations, such as schools and roulettes.

    Nevertheless, it is legal to play one of the following games: billiards, card games, Canasta, Draft (US Reviewer), dominoes, casinos, Rummi, Dart, 13, Caribbean Poker Straight or a game in which a person has the skills and abilities to determine the result of the game. The law contains legitimate games, as well as illegal games and games that are not clearly defined in the law, organized by the casino of Costa Rica. Some of the most popular games that are played are Rummy and Caribbean Straight Poker. Games that are not clearly defined in the law and which are practiced in a casino are certain types of games in which bones and pai-go are used – poker in Chinese style.

    The casino also organizes games that are prohibited by law, such as roulette and gambling. Roulette is prohibited in the following laws: “Reglamento a la Ley de Juegos”, January 3, 1974. Decree No. 3510-G, published on January 31, 1974, El Alcance No. 15 de la Gaceta No. 21 and Reglamento a la Ley # 3, August 31, 1922.

    Gambling machines are prohibited by the Rules No. 87.229 of June 13, 1978, which prohibit gambling machines. However, this complaint was directed against these Rules. This challenge, in fact, will allow to place casinos on these machines until the complaint is considered.

    It is against the law to collect or pay for most of the bets and games in Costa Rica. Therefore, gambling works with a payment system that will improve these laws. This will help the casino make the player legally responsible for what he owes them, or he can pay for them on their territory.

    Players in the casino are encouraged to buy tokens that are used by kasinovälineissään, or to provide players with a credit line by signing loans, bonds (IOU vouchers), mortgages or written agreements so that items or collections can be executed and that they continue to be protected in ordinary liiketalakein and do not gamble.

    In Costa Rica, there are no laws that protect or control a player or casino operator who collects money from gambling.

    Casino laws in El Salvador:

    Games and slot machines are not prohibited in El Salvador. However, these gaming machines are subject to approval by the Ministry of Finance and local authorities. Roulette wheels, gaming tables and other goods or goods intended for play are allowed.

    Rachinos in Central America

    A few years ago Ratschiner was not so popular in Central America. Only one horse Racino was present in the city of Hipama Hipodrumo President Remon.

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