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    Online gambling in Ireland

    Irish operators are estimated to be over 5 billion. Euro per year, equivalent to 14 million. Euro per day, over 2% of Irish adults play online regularly, and 12% are playing betting companies every week. Although industry lags behind a few English and European countries, there is no doubt that significant growth has occurred over the last decade.

    This massive spending growth has led to major gaming engines around the world paying particular attention to the Irish gambling market, including Gambling.com. For Irish players looking for the best bonuses and special prices in Ireland, visit Irish Gambling.com!

    But despite their apparent spread, the country’s shape and online gambling on the green island are largely unheard of for many, including their residents. impact on prices (change) law, understand to be applied in 2015 to help eliminate some embarrassment, but in Ireland, of course more than online gambling enthusiasts, so read to find out what else is important!

    Is there a law on online gambling in Ireland?

    Yes, thanks to the legality of licensing laws in Ireland in 2015, the legitimacy of online gambling (as amended), as all remote operators – irrespective of where they are or not – are licensed and taxed in Ireland by Ireland. The Up The 1956 Law on Games and Lotteries was the main document of Irish Gambling .

    Although some of its details seemed to conflict with the current world of gambling, many of the original laws, albeit altered, remained important. A review of the law came in 2010 when the criticism that they are still dated and that they leave “all or nothing” the municipality (or totally deny the form either).

    In control, online gambling has been the first time registered for its account after Ireland Hevoset and Race Act 2001, allowing Irish players to play online betting outside the country. Then in 2015 Irish President Michael D. Higgins signed the law (amendments) of 15 March.

    The law was designed in response to the outdated law prices in 1931, which also does not solve and explode online games to explain like law games and lotteries in 1956th The 2015 payroll (amendment) now requires all Irish gambling regulations, including Irish residents and foreign players.

    Online poker and bingo growth in Ireland

    Poker is a very popular game in Ireland – in fact Paddy Power Irish Open is one of the world’s biggest poker tournaments. The popularity of the game was the transition to online poker rooms, where Irish play 24/7 poker. Online bingo is another very popular game where about 44% of the adult population plays regularly.

    The Most Popular Betting Market in Ireland


    Horse racing

    Dog racing

    Gaelic football


    In Ireland, sports betting and history and amazing achievements of greyhounds and horse racing are largely due to the culture that surrounds it. The Irish Government has a particular interest in its popularity and regulation because of the taxes and fees it generates.

    Like traditional sports, humorous and Gaelic footballs are very popular. Irish betting now offers a wide range of throwing markets and football matches in the Gaelic. But as you would expect, traditional football betting is still the leading competitor in the Irish gambling market.

    What is Gaelic Football?

    For centuries sport now known as English Gaelic football called “Caid” – it is not mentioned in the new multiplayer end of the 19th century when the Gaelic Athletic Association is (GAA) playing the code for sports to play against 15 player teams, the goal is to hit, hit or hit ball to the opposing team’s cross-ball; one point is scored for the first, last three points.

    These are the prerequisites for participating in the game, which is certainly the most popular sport in Ireland, but only in the last decade, the popularity of the Gaelic football game has increased significantly.

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