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    Italy also has a long history of play in the Italian pizza and birthplace of the Renaissance, which dates back to the Roman Empire. However, in later times, the free nation that Leonardo da Vinci had given us often argued with the European Union in the form of its online betting industry.

    Legal landscape

    Despite the numerous corruption stories at the highest level of the country’s government, Italians are subject to rigid rules when it comes to gambling of any kind.

    The game, which is defined as luck instead of skill, was completely illegal under Italian law until recently, since sports betting was considered qualified and, therefore, legitimate. However, the government has several states that allowed operators to provide these services at prices – this restrictive attitude was forced in 2006 to modify an investigation of the European Commission on the regulation of the Italian gaming industry.

    This was a crucial moment for a country that has developed legislation to legalize some other gaming skills and open its market of strict bets for bookmakers abroad (although it has been restricted to countries that are in the EU or part of it). the European Union) Free Trade). In the following years, more forms of gambling were legalized and the first poker was only allowed in the form of a tournament in 2007. The laws were developed quickly to allow cash games and video poker, while other risky games of opportunity were legalized in 2010 with fixed chance

    The laws of gambling in Italy should also examine the EU, since Italian citizens have already been denied access to foreign online operators. In the end, the government abandoned its decisions and decided to change its gambling laws in 2009. Until 2010, these changes were due to the fact that foreign gaming sites were able to offer their services in Italy, provided that they could obtain an Italian game license of the AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stado – Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies).

    There are a series of requirements that companies must meet to apply for this license. For example, the operator has a minimum turnover in Europe of 1.5 euros has millions in the last two years, must be based in an EU country and its software must be stable and secure. In addition, the company must pay a mandatory rate of 350,000 euros to help the AAMS in the regulation of the market.

    After the relaxation of online gambling in Italy, some of the largest European operators, such as Betfair and William Hill, are also offering their services to Italian players.

    Popular markets

    There are several sports bets for Italians, including horse races, tennis and F1. However, the bets on football today are the most popular: the domestic league, Serie A, falls.

    The horse racing game has been available for a long time for the Italians and the UNIRE (National Society for the Improvement of the creation of horses) betting on the markets of the racetrack and the Internet for many years before the recent changes In the law. Unfortunately, the interest in the prices of the races has fallen drastically in the last years, then the Italian industry of horse races seems to be in the last legs.

    Instead, online casinos are the place of choice today, especially in slot machines. However, Italian players looking for real casino experience are also well served by the four casinos in the country, including the luxurious Venice Casino.

    Main events in the game

    Online poker also flew in the country, as the Italian Supreme Court discovered that it was more a game than an accident. PokerStars has made its Italian poker tour since 2009, which traditionally hosts tournaments in San Remo, Venice and New Gorica. Italian poker players at all levels have the opportunity to qualify for IPT events through frequent online satellite tournaments.

    The future of the game in Italy

    Since the adoption of more relaxed legislation, Italy has become the largest betting market in Europe. However, there is a big difference between different forms of play in the country. In 2011, there was a sharp decline in profits and turnover was slightly above 17% in 2011. The online poker industry was also hard hit, while earnings in 2013 fell by about a third – it may increase the purchase of the Italian government in the maximum tournament to be taken into account.

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