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    The southern neighbor of the United States is known for its amazing ancient civilizations, tropical sandy beaches and, unfortunately, many advertised medicines. Despite their problems, the United States of Mexico remains one of the largest economies in the world and is directly opposed to their media representatives, having strict laws on specific issues, especially gambling.

    Legal landscape

    President Lazaro Cardenas is perhaps the first official person to hold illegal gambling when he took office in 1935. This move comes a few decades after the Mexican Revolution of 1911, when the French colonies were deported, and all the French casinos were closed. Thanks to the growing pressure from the Catholic Church in the years to come, the 1947 law extended to all forms of gambling. However, this law is not kept as long as possible, as lotteries and sports betting are still widely used. the second half of the 20th century.

    After decades of decline, the government has agreed that the law has long been ineffective, and ultimately softened the gambling law in 2004, four years after Vincente Fox’s presidency. Gaming in Mexico is under the control of the de Gaulbersion Secretariat or the Ministry of the Interior. Within a month after the new regulation, Secretary of State Santiago Krill has approved a gambling license issued over the past 77 years.

    Online gambling in Mexico arose several years before the amendment of this law, as the government temporarily granted a small number of electronic licenses. However, it is rather important that they are oriented only to foreign players and are not allowed to bring the Mexicans. However, bets in other countries do not disrupt the service offer to the Mexican people, and because this country has many Spanish players, online players are spoiled with Mexico and Mexico’s choice players have received more than 470 sites.

    The market is popular

    Horse racing, dog racing and Jai Alai’s super fast ball game are popular athletic races in Mexico, but the sport continues to attract many audiences. In particular, the war against cock enjoys a strong fan base, and in a modern version of steel blade is attached to the chicken leg to convert it to a variant of the Wolverine bird X-Men. Two queues are thrown together until you reach the winner. Although this activity is technically illegal and therefore not included in the official sports book, it means its popularity that both the sport itself or informal wagering among members of the public that is usually the case is mostly ignored by the services enforcement.

    No less brutal is bullfighting with a Spanish colony and, although activists want to ban sports in their homeland, activity in Mexico continues to grow. Mexico City is the largest runway ring in the world with 55,000 spectators in many soccer fields. Traditional bets such as lottery, bingo, slot machines and video poker are also popular, but the laws that prevent residents in most of the joining are intended for tourists from America or Europe.

    Big gambling

    In recent years, the number of high and high casinos in Mexico has increased, but almost everything is close to the US border, giving tourists more of the locals. Hotspot attractions like Puerto Penasco and Cancun now have Lucky Point and Playboy Club, but despite this, there are not many high profile games in the country.

    The future of gambling in Mexico

    Mexico has just passed a law on gambling, both naturally and online, leaving plenty of space for the market. While Internet access in many rural areas prevents the development of online gambling, the introduction of affordable smartphone technology gives Mexicans a better chance to access the Internet and offer a variety of gaming options. However, since the boundaries between legal and illegal gambling are still very blurred, the state may need to clarify the law if it seeks to secure investments or advertisements from larger gambling networks.

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