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    The Netherlands set the online gambling market in July 2018 at the beginning

    The law on long-distance games in the Netherlands has a “difficult journey” before it is enacted as a law, said the Dutch Ministry of Security and Legal Affairs on Gaming at this year’s Dutch conference.

    The event, dedicated to the development of the country’s online and terrestrial gaming industry, takes place on June 13-14 at De Hallen Studios in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

    Among the speakers of the event were Dennis van Bremen and Frans Maas, both officials of the Ministry of Security and Justice of the country. They provide the latest information on the iGaming market regulatory process in the country.

    The clearance game was approved by the Dutch House of Commons last summer. Then part of the law is sent to the Senate, where it is expected to get the necessary support and become law. However, political fluctuations in the Netherlands last year delayed long-awaited voting and weakened the momentum of the legislature.

    Bill with the remote game was first proposed for discussion in 2013. If adopted as a law, it will open the market to international gambling operators by allowing them to apply for a license. According to Van Bremen, the Senate may turn its attention to the bill in October. If the forecast is correct, the online game market in the country could be opened for licensing in July next year. However, the official representative himself said at the Gaming conference in the Netherlands that he did not see this plan very optimistic.

    At the suggestion of the House of Representatives in 2011 that the Netherlands should avoid confrontation with iGaming gaming advertising service operators domestically and the absence of an agreement: According to two officials of the Ministry of Security and Justice, there are two major obstacles to the progress of the infraction “Game game” bill existing laws and are not eligible for future licenses.

    At the end of May, from the news, a community of gambling operators and German affiliate sites targeting the authority of the Netherlands Zimbabwe Chancellorite introduced a new and rigorous regulation.

    Under the new rules, operators should not use partner sites with the .nl extension to direct Dutch players to the .com site. In addition, there are statements or advertising sites that do not use typical Dutch symbols, such as windmills and tulips that can promote gambling. It is assumed that gambling companies that do not block traffic in the Netherlands violate the new regulations.

    Changes in the regulatory landscape caused a mass surge of discontent, the results of operators from local markets and even the closure of Dutch online casinos.

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