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    Guide to online casinos in Portugal

    The gambling market in Portugal is considered promising, but more relaxed than in other European countries.

    All kinds of gambling are legally legalized in Portugal, including not only casinos, but also lotteries. However, the situation in the online casino in the country is considered somewhat difficult, since the local side is intended primarily for local players.

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    Flag of Portugal As mentioned above, most types of gambling in this country are legalized. The right to play a game of chance (also called a game of coincidence) is granted to the state. The latter have the opportunity to independently organize such games or delegate these rights to individual units. The state is also authorized to authorize games that offer gifts that are not monetary. A non-charitable company has no right to organize such games if it is not created for a specific advertising activity. Mexico.

    The exclusive right to manage social games, the profit provided directly by the state, is provided to the game department of Santa Casca da Misericordia de Lisboa (better known as SCML). In this game there are a lot of sports betting.

    Gambling legislation in Portugal SCML also has rights with exclusive rights that correspond to state sanctioned monopolies – it can organize sports bets, traditional lotteries, lotteries and instant win games. If the department receives a special permit from the government of this country, it can be regulated by another lottery. Activities, activities and activities in racing conditions, regardless of the rights of SCML.

    Other games in Portugal, such as horse racing and bingo, are allowed, but are only available in case of ink contracts. The contract usually takes two to three decades. As a result of this contract, the game is usually limited to certain areas of the country.

    In addition, the government granted several casinos several licenses on the Portuguese territory. The earth is divided into several game zones. Usually casinos are allowed in each zone of the game. The government also sets a certain age for entry and play in a casino in Portugal.

    Currently, there are ten casinos in Portugal. Nine of them are on the Portuguese mainland, and one is on Madeira. Here are nine casinos that have been licensed in this country:

    Casino Estoril
    Casino Lisbon
    Casino Solverde de Espinho
    Casino Figueira da Foz
    Algarve Casino Hotel
    Madeira Casino and Casino Park Hotel
    Casino of Vilamoura
    Casino Povoa de Varzim
    Casino Monte Gordo
    Relevant legislation

    All illegal activities related to gambling in the country must be punished by local legislation. The organization or participation in gambling and other activities as casinos and bingo halls is considered illegal and should be tested. Some legal sanctions after violation of local rules can be found in Articles 108, 111 and 114 of Decisions 114/2011.


    In 1783 Ratu DM Pia approved SCML in order to conduct a lottery within the program to earn money for poor and royal hospitals. This is how the Portuguese National Sweepstart begins.

    Then, after more than a century, the so-called “Lottery Service” was officially created, as well as lottery operations in the country under the official name “National Lotteries”. SCML has the right to play the game with a bet, depending on the result of the football game in 1961. In 1985, SCML’s responsibility was extended for the control and monitoring of the lottery, and then several lotteries, including the last, more than a decade later

    First, SCML delegates part of its duties to the sports betting department and the National Lottery Service. Then SCML postpones the execution, monitoring and monitoring of all games in the current gaming unit, also under SCML.

    Online gambling in Portugal

    Gambling on the Internet in Portugal The Portuguese government has created this country online gambling. All types of gambling, including websites, are currently regulated by the governments of the country. The authorities set a goal to offer lawyers opportunities, strict supervision and, above all, the possibility of securing rates.

    The government still manages several online casinos and works with several private online gambling companies to provide a reliable bet for Portuguese citizens.

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