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    The Gambling Act and Regulation in Russia

    General complaints about gambling legislation in many parts of the world are very confusing. There are some areas where the law is not very clear and the legality of the games is gray. This is not a problem in Russia because gambling law is really clear.

    Online gaming in Russia is strictly forbidden, like gambling in almost every country. Obviously this will not change soon, even though it is believed that many Russians continue to play online games.

    On this page we see how the gambling law in Russia has changed over the years and what it means for those who want to play in that country.

    A Brief History of Russian Gambling Legislation

    In 1928 when Russia was in the Soviet Union, all gambling was banned. So until the late 1980s. Slot machines were moved in 1988 to several locations, and the ban on gambling was completely abolished the following year. The construction of casinos by land and Moscow in 2002 was more than 50 operations.

    As the popularity of gambling is growing and regulation is limited, the government takes action to control its operations. In 2006, they adopted a law prohibiting all forms of online gaming. Until then, most game sites welcome Russian customers. Many of them do so despite this rule.

    In 2009, Vladimir Putin restricted the country’s gaming into four zones: Kaliningrad, Krasnodar Region, Altai Region and Primorsky Region. Gambling in all other parts of the country is prohibited, which is still valid today.

    The judgment of the Russian Supreme Court in 2012 has banned the second stage of online gambling. He said that ISPs must block websites managed by online gamers so that the Russians can not access their services. Internet service providers previously refused to do so and they even won lawsuits against them and tried to enforce them, but this decision threatened to lose their license if they did not comply.

    Then Roskomnadzor was released in 2012. This list lists all sites that the Russian government considers illegal. It has several domain names owned by online gamers, some of which are the biggest names. As a result, some of these operators closed their virtual doors to Russian customers.

    Some operators continue to provide services to Russian customers, although it is interesting that the government has not taken steps to prevent financial transactions. Yet, they seem committed to blocking online gaming. Roskomnadzor also has sites that do not offer live game services; They also provide information on gambling related topics.

    How online-Russian gambling affects you

    A strict anti-gambling law makes it clear that you violate the law if you choose to play online. There is some controversy about whether or not a poker law is governed by this law, as this is a skill game, not a chance game, but it is certainly a casino game and betting.

    Given what has been said, it is unlikely that you will face the prosecution-related outlook. While governments have the right to do so, their focus appears to be people who promote online gaming rather than those who actually participate. Home providers are prohibited from offering online gaming services, and Internet service providers, as mentioned above, are blocking foreign operators’ sites.

    This is the last time that online gambling is blocked by Russia, even though every blackjack gambling site is released from the ISP.

    Changes to Russian laws on online gambling

    We will notify you of any change in Russia’s online gambling laws and other updates that may affect online gamers in Russia.

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