• Online Gambling South Korea

    Online Gambling in South Korea

    South Korea generally makes texts for very striking relationships with its northern neighbors, but in fact it is one of the most technologically advanced countries in East Asia, according to Japan alone. Despite the fact that online gambling sites based on South Korea are illegal and largely focused on repressing the government, prominent citizens seeking services from licensed internet operators in other countries.

    The legal environment

    Since the founding of the Republic of Korea at the end of World War II, when the United States-controlled area chose to leave the Soviet-controlled Cold War, it gradually became a part of the way of life.

    Historically, on the Korean peninsula they played bets on board games and their own sports like clover (like chess) and ssireum (like sumo games). However, with the emergence of a new government, stricter gambling laws have occurred – citizens can not place bets in certain countries or even casinos in foreign countries they visit (under the laws of “extraordinary players abroad”).

    Although physical laws have gradually softened for decades, one can not say the same for online gambling. For businesses or individuals to illegally run an online casino in the country, even if people can play online games at gambling sites and casinos abroad.

    While there are strict restrictions on Korean websites, people can register on sites such as Ladbrokes and 888, which are Korean players outside the jurisdiction of South Korean law. However, relationships with these sites can be lively as the government seeks to ban access. So, South Korean players tend to be this block to create portfolios and masks of their origins through VPN services.

    However, in South Korea, many companies still choose to put online sports betting and casino operations online, and the government estimates that banned betting markets generally reach $ 66 billion. USA in 2012. Most companies were found as a venture company with South Korean police committed several high-profile attacks against illegal online gambling in recent years.

    The market is popular

    One of the exceptional exceptions to strict legislation is made fairly quickly, and negotiation levels have become legal since the inception of the law (which has been popular in the country since the 19th century). This was soon followed by gambling on boats and bicycles, and a lotoilbo was also represented.

    The casino was completely illegal until 1967, when big hotels hosted casino games for foreign guests. There are currently 17 casinos across the country that include classic slot machines, roulette and blackjack. Koreans are barred from entering most of them, owning the first and only land casino for native Koreans, Kangwon Land Casino, which opened in 2000. As proof of the popularity of South Korean gambling, a casino carries more than 16 casinos intended for foreigners, collectively. .

    In 1990, South African betting laws were launched in connection with the creation of SportsToto, supported by government levels. This allows South Koreans to engage in a variety of popular sports in the country, including football, basketball, basketball and golf, in land vehicles that can be found in shops and other facilities. However, their bets are limited to KRW 100,000 (US $ 89), and SportsToto has no online presence, which means that Koreans often resort to foreign betting places for larger betting limits, a large number of markets and the convenience of online play. Because SportsToto is owned by the state, all other gambling operations threaten the government’s monopoly on gambling, which causes some governments to suppress illegal rings.

    Great game events

    Despite the firm approach, the government has made significant progress in reducing gambling laws, particularly recently. In 2012, the capital of Seoul, held a high poker tournament sponsored by online poker Poker Stars. Over 250 players participated, each paying an entry fee of $ 3,000,000 (just under $ 3,000). The last winner was the American Andrew Kim, who received a reward of 145 million KRW ($ 131,000).

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