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    All kinds of gaming operations were banned in Switzerland for most of the 20th century. All such modes of transport are prohibited in the country by the law adopted by the government of this country in 1921.

    Despite the fact that gambling is relatively new in Switzerland, many consider it a favorite entertainment. More than 50% of Swiss citizens regularly participate in lotteries of the country. Since casinos, poker and sports betting are absolutely legal, it is expected that the industry will become more popular.


    As noted above, the state banned gambling in 1921, and the ban was active until 1993. Even the new legislation, which was then implemented, has not completely abolished official restrictions, since gambling in the casino is limited to limited shares.

    A few years later, in April 2000, he restricted gambling permitted by the federal law on gambling and casinos. This happened for the first time in 80 years. Moreover, according to the Swiss legislation on gambling, the game is divided into two categories, called games with skills and gambling. In the Swiss casino you can only play in gambling.

    To date, there are 16 casinos in Switzerland. There are 11 horses here.

    Nationwide lotteries remained illegal under the provisions of the 1921 Act, but the canton (province) in Switzerland was allowed to create state lotteries separately.

    Relevant legislation

    Legal gambling in Switzerland under Swiss law, there are regulators of federal and cantonal inspectors who are responsible for implementing local laws on gambling.

    “Fortune of Fortune” is controlled by the Swiss Federal Council for Surveillance (SFGB), which acts as the council of an independent public administration body, also part of the federal courts and the state police. The board has a regulatory function when it needs to monitor the casino and verify compliance with federal law for the success of opportunities and casinos in 1998. SFGB also has the right to decide whether the game will be classified as a game of gambling or skill.

    The Swiss Federal Council is the body responsible for issuing casino licenses. It also indicates the number of licenses that can be issued, as well as the validity period.

    On the other hand, Cantonese and intercontinental lotteries and wagers control the stakes and lotteries. The Rate Committee was formally established in 2006 as a global regulatory and supervisory body for companies involved in rates and leasing in the country. Licensed applications are evaluated by the Board.

    The game became the subject of article 106 of the federal constitution, which defines the difference between these two types of games and casino games and lotteries. Until now, the federal law on gambling is the main federal law on the rules of casinos and gambling in the country.

    Only legal entities will receive a casino license in accordance with public law. To date, licenses may be granted to cooperatives in accordance with local law if their members reside in Switzerland. Licenses are granted only if the applicant has sufficient capital, good reputation and can guarantee guarantees of proper functioning.

    When granting a license for a lottery, such licenses may be granted only to corporations and corporations, individual associations and funds. All happy bidders must have their main address in the country.

    According to Swiss law, there are two types of licenses for casinos:

    Casino license

    Such a license is granted only if the proposal is supported by each canton and the local community, and if there is any evidence of the economic advantage of the casino site planned for the area proposed by the applicant.

    Operating licenses

    This type of license is issued only if the applicant is guaranteed independence of the management and proper control over the game operations. In addition, he must also introduce the concept of security and social security, as well as corporate security plans.

    Gambling online

    Online gambling in Switzerland. Nevertheless, casinos and gambling in Switzerland are growing rapidly, and do not play games online. The Swiss government is forbidden to play in an online casino. But there is no law that would require a ban.

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